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Ma Hope Ho'i Ma Mua

Kamehameha I Whereas, a unified monarchical government of the Hawaiian Islands was established in 1810 under Kamehameha I, the first King of Hawaii;

Congress admitted, you had a government. You had a state... It was viable and functioning. It was internationally active. This was not a situation that the U.S. government maintains with respect to Native Americans.

You're in a very different situation here from Native Americans. Now Congress has conceded what they will not concede for the Native Americans, that you had a state, that it was a state just like any other state in existence at that time, just like the United States of America, and was entitled to as much respect and dignity. And Congress has now conceded this point.

Whatever you do, I would certainly caution you against trying to seek the same type of treatment that the federal government has doled out to the Native Americans, because we know where that will lead.

Moreover, on the basis of this statute, you're entitled to a lot more than what they give the Native Americans.

Prof. Francis A. Boyle
Dec. 28, 1993

Ma Hope Ho'i Ma Mua