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Ma Hope Ho'i Ma Mua

Whereas, the report of a Presidentially established investigation conducted by former Congressman James Blount into the events surrounding the insurrection and overthrow of January 17, 1893, concluded that the United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority and were responsible for the change in government; former Congressman James Blount
Former U.S. Congressman James Blount

Again, they admit that, that they acted illegally under international law. But an admission is not enough. The implication, then, of these admissions, by Congress, by the Blount Committee, is that there must be restitution. The Hawaiian people have a right to be returned to the situation they were in, as of January 17, 1893. This is their right if that's what they want. Boyle
Prof. Francis A. Boyle
Dec. 28, 1993

Ma Hope Ho'i Ma Mua